Responsible and reliable digital support at the city's service points.

The digital support assistants in Helsinki are city employees, volunteers and peer tutors as well as students. Some of the city employees provide digital support on top of their regular work, others work as full-time digital support assistants.

Normally you can get in touch with a digital support assistant at the nearest library or resident house. You can also look for service points through the city's service map or by calling Helsinki Info, phone 09 310 11 111.

The foundation of well-functioning digital support
Digitalisation is advancing at a fast pace, and hence the digital support assistants are expected to possess versatile knowledge. The City of Helsinki develops the digital support assistants' professional skills in order to be able to offer high-quality assistance to Helsinkians who struggle with day-to-day digital problems. The digital support assistants receive training regularly. They also have their own network where they can share insights with their peers.

Guidance and development
Kaapelin Mediakeskus Oy (formerly known as Lasipalatsin Mediakeskus Oy), which is part of the Helsinki City Group and whose offices are situated at Kaapelitehdas, coordinates the joint communications and the digital support assistants' network. At the City Executive Office, there is a project team for enhancing the Helsinkians' computer literacy. The team members represent all the divisions that carry out digital support.

Further information:
Special Planner Ari Tammi, phone 09 310 25090, City of Helsinki, City Executive Office
Senior Advisor Jani Suonperä, phone 044 557 7484, Kaapelin Mediakeskus Oy
Project Manager Kimmo Lehtonen, phone 050 560 2570, Kaapelin Mediakeskus Oy

Digital Support Intranet
Municipal employees, volunteers and peer tutors who work as digital support assistants and use the city facilities are able to access the intranet for internal communication and information sharing. In case you are employed by the municipality and providing digital support is part of your duties, you are welcome to stay in touch with your team mates whatever your location at the moment.

The intranet is accessible through a browser but also using a mobile application. You can follow what is talked about in the groups, check recent notices or work in a group. There is a special chat application where you can communicate securely with other digital support assistants by way of sending messages, or making voice or video calls.

Call Kaapelin Mediakeskus (phone 044 557 7484) to get your invitation and login ID.

Become a peer tutor in Helsinki

ENTER, an association for senior citizens in Uusimaa, invites new peer tutors to join its activities. Basic skills and a keen mind will do. For additional information, check the association's website.