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Municipal e-services that require a password and identification can be accessed through the asiointi.hel.fi page. Check the city's web pages to learn more about the services and about how to use them.

If you need assistance with regard to the City of Helsinki e-services, you can call 09 310 88800 Mon.–Fri. 8 a.m.–6 p.m.

Instructions to be found on the hel.fi web service

E-services by the Social Services and Health Care Division
E-services instructions and links concerning health services, income support, My Kanta services, and other social and health services.

The City of Helsinki e-services instructions (PDF, in Finnish)
Screen captures and detailed instructions about how to use the asionti.hel.fi services.

The City Executive Office counselling services
The city's general counselling i.e. Helsinki Info, Tourist Information, Business Advisory Services and other counselling services.

Instructions about giving feedback to the City of Helsinki
Instructions about how to use the feedback form and information about how Helsinki's municipal feedback system works.

Other instructions and information resources

The Population Register Centre
The Population Register Centre provides countrywide support for organisers of digital support.

Yle Digitreenit (in Finnish)
Yle Digital Training helps you practise and learn digital skills.

Go to the self-study pages (in Finnish) to explore and study information technology independently.

Traficom, National Cyber Security Centre
Information security instructions and tips Alerts and topical information about information security.

Älypuhelimen käyttö

The digital support encourages you to experiment, learn and get excited.

Images: Helsinki Material Bank