Make the city digital – towards smoothness in your daily life

The City of Helsinki treats the development of digital support as a whole and in a citywide context. Organising assistance and tutoring is closely connected to Helsinki's city strategy, which states that the objective is to make Helsinki the world's most functional city.

In 2017, Helsinki carried out the digital support service description through the 6Aika programme. The service description answers the following questions:

  • In what kind of digital matters do I get assistance?
  • Who is digital support aimed at?
  • Who advises in digital matters?
  • What are the principles of digital support?
  • How and where do I find digital support?

Download the entire service description (PDF, in Finnish).

Make the city digital: digital support instructions
In order to implement the service description, instructions for Helsinki's digital support assistants have been drafted. Out of these, the two first can be downloaded:

1/2018 Clarity, calmness and friendliness (in Finnish)
2/2018 Trust and confidentiality (in Finnish)

Principles for digital support

We bring it close to you, close to where you live

We make it easy for you and keep a low threshold

With or without an appointment

We support your independent learning and doing

Free of charge at the city's service points